Sallu & Iuia's Reality TV Show 👫

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

Romanian model 💃, actress and TV host 📢 Iulia Vantur and her 'close' friend 👫 Salman Khan are apparently going to host a reality show together 😳. The show is called 📺 "The Farm" and Salman has obtained the Indian 🇮🇳 rights for the programme. Iulia used to host the Romanian version of it and the show became very popular 🙌. The idea of the show is that they put 12 people together on a farm 🌾. The contestants must work hard raising animals 🐓and practising agriculture. At regular periods of time the contests are evicted based on a voting system.

Like Bigg Boss, but in a real 🐽 pigsty❓😅

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