Swam🏊 to Glory With One Arm🙌, Now Jobless😟

  |   India News

Bharat Kumar - an International para swimmer🏊 who has won more than 50 medals🏅 swimming with just one hand👏 - is forced to worked as a car washer to earn his living despite representing 🇮🇳 in many International meets in England, Holland, Ireland, Malaysia etc😳. Bharat says that his recognition as a swimmer has not helped him land a job😕 as people view him as an amputee. Bharat, born with just one hand, started swimming🏊 in a canal near Ghaziabad where he took his buffaloes🐮 for a bath. He says he was inspired by the rags to riches⭐ story of Shah Rukh Khan. But he says even after he overcame his limitations to bring honour to the country, he is facing the same challenges he faced earlier👎. He has made an appeal🙏, seeking support from the country and still harbours hopes of representing 🇮🇳 in the coming Asian games, provided the Govt helps him financially💵.

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