Aamir Khan

3⃣ Idiots to Have a Sequel🙌

We have some exciting 🎉 news for you. 🎥 "3 Idiots" is going to have a sequel to it 🙌. The movie that exploded 💥 at the box office and become a modern day classic will return. Recently Rajkumar Hirani was asked about it and he said 🔊, "Initially, I had plans to make PK …

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3⃣ Khans Also Support Sunny☀

Sunny ☀ Leone was recently targeted 🎯 by journalist 📣 Bhupendra Chaubey who made the actress feel very uncomfortable 😐 with his sexist questions. Through the interview he kept digging 👊 at Sunny's past hoping that she would admit that her past was a mistake. While several celebrities have come out in support 😊 of Sunny …

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Aamir Damaged India's Brand Identity ❓

Amitabh Kant, Secretary of the Department of Industrial policy and promotion and a key driver of the 'Incredible India' 🇮🇳 campaign spoke up 📢 about Aamir Khan and his intolerant remarks 🙈. He said that Aamir has damaged India's brand identity. 😶. He further said 🔊, "He is damaging the brand identity of the country …

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