Twitter's🐦 Shutdown❕

  |   Tech News

On Tuesday, Twitter🐦 suffered one of their worst outages in its 🔟-year history as millions were blocked🚫 from their feeds, while some are still experiencing the problem😑. They haven't given details about the cause, but Twitter🐦 said they were working on a solution. Europe🌐, South Africa, Brazil, the Philippines, Russia, Nigeria and Uganda all experienced the issue and users were met with the message: "Something is technically wrong⚠." It was back online in UK and France, but intermittently. It became the butt of jokes as some said, "Twitter is down. Worker productivity hits record levels. UK🇬🇧 is out of recession!!!" US radio host, Rick Devens, posted: "We may never get back some of the clever thoughts💡 I had during this tragic outage." Twitter, and even rivals Facebook👤 and Instagram📸 have suffered brief shutdowns in the past.

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