Aamir Would Love to Work With Sunny ❗ https://goo.gl/cHtWSX

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Bollywood superstar ⭐ Aamir Khan sent a message to actress Sunny ☀ Leone who was recently put in an uncomfortable spot by journalist 📢 Bhupendra Chaubey. During the course of the interview he grilled 😒 Sunny on her 'past' as a porn star and tried to get her to admit that because of it, she wpuld never succeed 😶 in Bollywood because no ❌ big actors would like to work with her. Well, well, well, The Man himself Aamir Khan, whom Sunny adores ☺️ spoke about this brash interview and said that Sunny conducted herself with a lot of grace 👌 and dignity and he said he wish he could say the same about the interviewer 👍. Aamir probably made Sunny's day by saying this 🔊,"Sunny, I will be happy to work with you. I have absolutely no problems with your 'past' as the interviewer puts it. Stay blessed. Love. a" AWWHH. Click on the link to watch the interview that's got everybody rushing to Sunny's side: 📹https://goo.gl/cHtWSX

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