Apple🍎 in 2016: What's coming❓

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🔹iPhone7: will probably be announced in September, along with an iPhone7plus too. It should feature waterproofing💦 and won't have a headpone jack but new wireless earbuds.
🔹Apple Watch 2: Rumour is that they'll launch the Apple Watch 2 in March which will have a camera for video-chatting🎥.
🔹iPad Pro mega-tablet: will probably get a 2nd gen refresh.
🔹iPad Air 3: should come out in the first half of 2016.
🔹A new Mac Pro: which will be super thin with a Retina👁 screen, could come out, along with the newest OS X version.
🔹iOS 9.3: will support multiplie logins and include cool features like a lighting💡 mode called Night Shift.
🔹OS X: should see a new version coming out soon too.
🔹 Swift: for app developers is expected to hit version 3⃣.0.
🔹Apple Car?: Your guess is as good as ours🤔