BB9 Winner Predicted❗

  |   Bollywood

The 'Bigg Boss' contestants got a surprise 😳 visit from a renowned tarot card reader 🔮Monica Badnani. She come to the Bigg Boss house 🏡 to predict the 'future' for the remaining contestants in the house. She tells Prince to focus on his career and not ❌ on the relationships ❤️ made inside the house because they might not last for a long time. Her advice to Rishabh is to stop being moody 😏 and she make Keith happy by telling him that he has prosperity 💰 coming his way in 2016. Keith's girlfriend ❤️ Rochelle was advised to keep her stress at bay and live in the moment 👌. Lastly she tells Mandana that issues might arise in her love ❤️ life which makes Mandana very worried 😨 and concerned. Bigg Boss also requested Badnani to predict the winner and she predicted Mandana Karimi to being the winner of this season 👏.

Photo credit : Colours, Twitter

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