🇮🇳 Behind Terrorist Attacks😯❓

  |   India News

On Wednesday, terrorists☠ had attacked the Bacha Khan🏦 University in Pakistan, killing 🔫25 people. The Pakistani Taliban💀 initially took responsibility for the attack, but curiously🤔, they denied❌ any involvement later. What's more, Former Pak🇵🇰 Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, blames 🇮🇳 for the attack, saying, “We should not take the threat of India's defense ministry lightly. Indian agency R&AW (Research & Analysis Wing🕵) is behind the attack on Bacha Khan University🏦. They have reached at an understanding with Tehrik-e-Taliban💀.” He also said, refering to Indian Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, “How dare he talk about us😠, I say that he's the one responsible for Bacha University.” Malik claims that Jaish-e-Mohammad isn't involved in Pathankot, but India's RAW/R&AW is the culprit🙄. Parrikar said last week that he and India can't tolerate any more acts of terror.

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