Case Against Cop👮 Who Paralysed 🇮🇳 Man Dropped😳

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A US Federal judge has dismissed a case against a police officer👮 who faced 🔟 years in jail for using excessive force against a 58 year old 🇮🇳 man😱. The incident which happened in Madison, Alabama left Sureshbhai Patel partially paralysed🚑 & was caught on camera📹 but the Judge ruled that the injury was not enough evidence to criminally prosecute the officer👮 in question, Eric Parker😯. Mr.Parker had alleged that when Mr.Patel tried to wrench his hands away👋, he thought he was going for a weapon🔫 and hence pushed him to the ground. Patel is not expected to fully recover from his injuries😟. Though Parker has been fired from the force👮 and faces a civil suit and a misdemeanour charge, the ruling by the Federal Judge on a case which had attracted International attention has left many flabbergasted😤.

Watch the incident here (⚠️Warning, not suitable for children):

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