Faulty ₹1000💵 notes in circulation

  |   India News

On Wednesday, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)🏦 said it has received complaints about notes about 1000 rupee denomination💵 in circulation but without any security thread. An RBI spokesperson said, “We have received complaints⚠ regarding banknotes in the denomination of ₹1,000 printed by Currency Note Press, Nashik, on the paper (without security🔏 thread) supplied by Security Paper Mill (Hoshangabad).” The RBI🏦 has escalated the matter to the government and asked all Mumbai🌃 banks not to issue the notes if found and to provide exchange value to customers who have the notes💵 (unless it's an actual fake). The RBI had printed ₹30,000 cr worth of ₹1000 notes, of which ₹10,000 cr are in circulation as per some reports.

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