JLaw to play a 'Jane Bond'🔫

  |   Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence has an exciting 🙌 'JANE BOND' 🔫 project up her sleeve. She plays Marita Lorenz in her new project titled 🎥 "Marita", about a German-born American woman who cozied up to some of the most famous dictators 👊 of the 20th century. Lawrence will star ⭐ in this romance ❤️spy 👀 drama with Matt Tolmach, Scott Mednick and Andre Rouleau. Lorenz began an affair 💑 with Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro at the age of 19, became pregnant with his child and left the country after she had an abortion 😶. She later joined forces with anti-communist groups in the US 🇺🇸, & recruited by the CIA 😎 to assassinate Castro 🔫. Lorenz returned to Cuba to kill Castro using poison 💊, but instead revealed the plot and declared her love ❤️ for the leader. She later had an affair 💕 with a Venezuelan dictator and claimed to be involved in the JFK assassination😳. Her account was later refuted, and she earned the title of "a patron saint of conspiracy buffs." 😅

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