Kohli has God's🙏 Aura😳 ⁉

For quite some time, Virat Kohli, has been touted as Sachin's🙏 successor in Team 🇮🇳 and has scored tons💯 with ease, mirroring the master. But does Virat have Sachin's aura❓ Yes👍, says former Aussie pacer Brett Lee who has over the years engaged in some compelling😋 battles with Sachin - "It is almost like Sachin Tendulkar when he used to come out to bat😳. He had that presence and Kohli too has that aura around him👏". Lee went on to praise Kohli for his aggressive game😠 and said he mixes aggression with control quite well👌. Lee conceded that it is very hard to stop✋ Virat once he gets going😯.

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