Planet X🌚 Found Beyond Pluto

  |   Ghana News

Looks like we've just found us our new 9th planet🌑. No no, this is different from all those other “Planet Xs” out there, this one's is actually 'detectable.' Planetary scientists🔭, Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, have announced 📢 that an object🌑 the size of Neptune orbits the sun every 1.5K years. As yet unnamed (and unseen), the giant planet escaped the planet-forming region in our solar system💫, & settled into a massive elliptical orbit around our star☀. It has a mass of 🔟Earths🌏, it's closest approach to the sun is 200 Astronomical Units (1AU=150 M kms) and a maximum between 600 to 1200 AU, well beyond the Kuiper belt. Brown is also known as the man who “killed Pluto”🔪 being responsible for downgrading it to a dwarf planet. He's also discovered other distant bodies like Sedna🔹 the planetoid, and Orcus🔸.

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