PM Modi✌ discusses 🇮🇳-🇬🇧 MoU

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On Wednesday, PM Modi✌ chaired a meeting with Union Cabinet to discuss the MoU between 🇮🇳 and the UK🇬🇧. A spokesperson said: The form of co-operation will be in areas like sharing good governance practices in public administration, user led service design, reducing bureaucracy in service delivery, government process re-engineering🔧, building and developing staff capability, public grievance redress😓 mechanism, local government reforms, reforms towards strengthening of social security🔒, collaboration in strategies💡 for promotion of ethics in government, collaboration between government and industry on staff management, mechanisms⚙ for public engagement, crisis and disaster💥 management and digital transformation of government.
A joint working group on public administration and governance will be responsible for implementation of the MoU & is scheduled to meet later this month in London🇬🇧.

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