Raghuram: Markets Will Settle Down😅

  |   India News

On Wednesday, Raghuram Rajan🤓, Reserve Bank of India Governor, said that things will stabilise😅 and people will look at stable emerging markets, including 🇮🇳, to counter fears after recent instability from China🇨🇳. He said that the rupee has been “relatively strong💪” in the emerging market but is affected by the same issues impacting world markets, he said we have to “focus on fundamentals, try and get inflation down📉, try and get your current account deficit down📉, keep your fiscal on target, do all the good things, and then people reward you👍.” He believed that after the storm, people will look for stability for which 🇮🇳 is pretty stable and investors will reinvest in her. Rajan also said the “lower price of oil will help 🇮🇳 disinflate” just as the rest of the world is facing a deflationary environment and he's confident that 🇮🇳 will meet Jan's inflation target🎯 of below 6%.

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