Salman: From HC🏣 to SC🏤

  |   Salman Khan / India News

Within a week, the Maharashtra govt. will file a Special Leave Petition🗂 (SLP) before the Supreme Court🏤 (SC), challenging Salman Khan's💪 acquittal by the Bombay High Court🏣 (HC) for his hit-and-run case💥🚕 in 2002. Directions have been issued to state lawyers to file the SLP & Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra Chief Minister, has announced📣 the same. As per law, the govt. has 90 days from the date of issue of the verdict to challenge the HC🏣. Salman was acquitted of all charges on 10 Dec, by Bombay HC Justice A.R. Joshi who had dealt heavily on the loopholes➰ in the police investigations and delay in the collection of blood samples💉. Session Court Judge D.W. Deshpande, who had held Khan guilty and sentenced him to 5⃣ years in jail⛓ in May 2015, had admitted the statement of late police constable👮 Ravindra Patil, while the HC🏣 set it aside.

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