Selena's 🎵 'Hands To Myself' Meaning Revealed ‼️

  |   Hollywood / India News

Selena Gomez's music 🎵 video 📹 'Hands to Myself' is hot 🔥 and sexy 💋 but the singer revealed what she really wanted to show through this song and hot video 😍. Selena said that wanted the idea of the video to be 2⃣ different versions of being in a fantasy. She explained by saying 🔊, "I think everyone can have those moments where they're dreaming 🙍of what their life could be, especially girls with love ❤. Being obsessed with the idea, and you can't control yourself 💑. You get to see these images of what people think love is. It's theatrical, it's movie-like 🎥. And all of that you end up seeing ends up being a false reality on both ends 😶". The video shows Selena as a woman obsessed with a Hollywood actor and she plays out a movie-like love ❤️ in her mind, but it's far from reality.
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