Aamir Khan

Aamir Can't 🚫Enter His Vanity Van🚐

Aamir Khan has been shooting in Ludhiana for his upcoming movie 🎥 "Dangal". His fans got so excited 🙌 seeing him that they surrounded him and didn't even let him enter his vanity van 🚐. Aamir's security guards 💂 had a tough time trying to control an uncontrollable mob 😶. The situation got out of …

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Aamir Would Love to Work With Sunny ❗ https://goo.gl/cHtWSX

Bollywood superstar ⭐ Aamir Khan sent a message to actress Sunny ☀ Leone who was recently put in an uncomfortable spot by journalist 📢 Bhupendra Chaubey. During the course of the interview he grilled 😒 Sunny on her 'past' as a porn star and tried to get her to admit that because of it …

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