Techie💻 Killed by FB "Friend"😳

  |   India News

Kusum Rani, a 31 year old IBM employee in Bengaluru was found dead 2⃣ days ago. Today another techie from Gurgaon was arrested by the police👮 in connection with the murder🔪. The arrested person is identified as 35 year old Sukhbir Singh, a former Yahoo and Accenture engineer💻. During the initial interrogation it was found that Kusum and Sukhbir met on Facebook💻 on December 31 and shared their numbers📱. On Jan 9. Sukhbir flew down✈ to Bengaluru and on Jan 19th, he allegedly killed Kusum😳 after which it seems he flew back to Delhi, taking her credit cards💳 and cell phone with him. He is said to have asked Kusum for money💰 after meeting her in her flat and killed her when she refused✋. He was tracked down by the police👮 after examining the outstation calls Kusum had received👏.

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