Text Reminders💬 Reduce BP

  |   Tech News

Researchers from Oxford University🏤 in UK and University of Cape Town🏣 in South Africa studied 1300 aduts with high blood pressure (BP). They split the patients into 3⃣ equal-sized groups who received written information 📝about high BP and healthy living. The first group received weekly messages and were reminded⚠ of their appointments, etc. The second received the same but were able to interact👀 with the service and could change appointments📝. The third received the standard care. After a year, all 3 groups had lower BP, but those who received texts💬 had a slightly greater reduction in their BP. Those with reminders were more likely to take their medicine💊. Almost two thirds of those getting information messages reached that standard compared to just under half of those receiving standard care. The improvements seen were equivalent to those expected from intensive one-to-one👷 behavioural counselling, which is usually more expensive💰.

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