UK🇬🇧 Anti-Doping to Meet Wenger👔

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Nicole Sapstead👩🏻, CEO of UK Anti-Doping has offered to meet with Arsene Wenger👔 to take his opinions on doping💉 in football. Wenger has always advocated for deeper and thorough look, blood tests🔬, into the subject matter claiming that sports is "full of legends who are in fact cheats". The advocacy became stronger💪🏻 when Dinamo Zagreb midfielder Arijan Ademi tested positive after their CL win over Arsenal🔫. Sapstead👩🏽 has admitted she shares the Frenchman's👔 thoughts💭 and will like to meet and have a meaningful deliberation👌🏻. "I think it's foolish for any sport to think that they're immune from doping, I really do," Sapstead👩🏽 said at a briefing in London on Wednesday.

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