UK Boy👦 Interrogated for Living in 'Terrorist House'😅

  |   India News

A 10 year old Muslim boy in UK has landed himself in trouble after misspelling 'terraced' as 'terrorist'😅. During an English lesson, the unidentified boy wrote ✏️ that he lives in a 'terrorist house' instead of a 'terraced house'🏠. The boy👦 was then interrogated by Lancashire police👮 the next day and the family's laptop💻 and things were checked. The police👮 have decided that no further course of action was required. The boy's family are said to shocked😱 by the incident and a cousin remarked that the teacher should not have put the boy👦 through this for an innocent spelling mistake👎. He further said that the boy would be afraid to use his imagination to write again✍.
Looks like the teacher may have been too jumpy to get all worked up over a spelling mistake😏.

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