Bose's Cremation🔥 Records Released

  |   India News

A UK🇬🇧 website has released evidence given by a Taiwanese official who claimed to have prepared Subhas Chandra Bose's👓 body for cremation🔥after his death in a plane✈ crash on 18 Aug 1945. The website said, “Taiwanese official Tan Ti-Ti, who was in charge of issuing cremation🔥 permits in Taipei, together with that of other local officials, put to rest any controversy about the last rites🙏 performed on Subhas Bose’s body.” C K Yen, Chairman of the Taiwan Provincial Government wrote a letter to Albert Franklin, British🇬🇧 Consul General in Taiwan who requested an investigation into Bose's death. Yen explained that During World War II💣 in the case of military personnel, since Bose was without family in Taiwan, "permission for cremation was granted✅ on the strength of a certificate from a military hospital🏥."

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