🇮🇳: Nuclear☢ Security Index – a Ploy

  |   India News

The controversial 2016 Nuclear☢ Threat Initiative (NTI) security index is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 2001 which exists to strengthen global🌍 security. The NTI develops and shapes nuclear security projects to efforts toward nuclear, biological, and chemical threat⚠ reduction. This year 🇮🇳 moved up 2 places to the 21st position. An anonymous official says that there “is no reason to conclude that more equals to less security🔒.” He said that 🇮🇳 has a robust security process in place, but can't make it public. Indian officials say that the report is intended to get India to "reveal"👀 its stockpile. Recently the US🇺🇸 has said Pakistan🇵🇰 possesses more nuclear weapons than India. Some officials say, “the report is nothing but an anti-India🚫🇮🇳 Western non-proliferation document. Highly subjective indicators have neutralised objective steps. The Indian🇮🇳 government has taken the right decision in ignoring😤 the latest NTI report."

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