Sensex📉 Now @ Pre-Modi✌ Levels

  |   PM Modi News / India News

Yesterday, 🇮🇳's Sensex closed at 23,962.21 points, it's lowest📉 since 15 May 2014, which is worse than when Modi✌ became PM of 🇮🇳, causing him to face a lot of questions about his management of India's finance💰. However, markets were initially improving when Modi's victory was announce, and the fall📉 is largely attributed to the state of the world economy mostly due to China🇨🇳 and the falling oil🛢 prices. Nevertheless, there is clearly a disappointment with Modi's✌ pace of reform that he managed. Also, when it comes to falling oil prices, 🇮🇳 actually benefits from that seeing as it imports massive quantities of it. By some estimates it boosted India's growth by 100bps last year. So, should we really point at😠 oil, or is someone else to blame❓

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