Snapdeal👌 May Go Public In 🇮🇳 📹:

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On Monday, during an interview in Munich, Germany, Snapdeal's👌 Chief Prouct Officer, Anand Chandrasekaran, said that they hope to eventually go public👥 in 🇮🇳, but that won't be possible for a few years. He said Snapdeal's founders😎 want the site’s 250,000 sellers🎁 and 80 million registered users to benefit from any public offering, saying “We’d love❣ for all of those consumers and all of those sellers to also become shareholders.” After an investment from Foxconn, China, Snapdeal was valued at 💲5⃣ bn in 2015. Chandrasekaran also talked about Snapdeal’s move into mobile📱 payments and divulged his views on Facebook’s Free Basics controversial program. Watch the interview here🎥:

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