Deepika Called Ranveer Her 'Boyfriend' ❤️

  |   Deepika Padukone / Bollywood

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh ❤️ have been in a 'relationship' 👫 for a while now but neither of them have spoken openly about it or admitted anything 😐. However recently Deepika used the 'B' word. Yes, she said 'Boyfriend' 😉. Deepika was asked about what Ranveer felt about her equation with her ex-boyfriend 💔 Ranbir Kapoor. This B-town beauty answered that by saying that it was unfair to ask how insecure her 'boyfriend' was about it.😳 WOAH. Ranveer Singh is a total ladies man 😏, he even admitted that in school 🏫 he was popular among the girls 😍. Now things have changed, he is all about only 1⃣ lady, Deepika ❤️.

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