'Frankenstein' Head Transplants😲❓

  |   Ghana News / India News

Sergio Canavero, a controversial Italian nuerosurgeon has claimed human head transplants😳 are almost a reality, after Chinese scientists connected a monkey's🐒 head to another's body successfully last week😲. The claim on what is generally termed as 'Frankenstein science' has shocked😱 the medical community across the world. Canavero claimed, "‘The news📰 is not so much the monkey🙈 transplant. The important news here is that the critics of this new method have been totally disproven". He says the technique is ready for human trials😯 and wants to remove the head with muscular atrophy of a patient and attach it to a freshly decapitated, fit body😳. Experts have condemned❌ the proposal while Canavero claims the world🌏 would never be the same again.

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