G👀gle Paid Apple🍎 💲1 bn

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In 2014, Apple🍎 received $1 bn from G👀gle to keep search bar on iPhone📱, according to a 14 Jan transcript of court proceedings from Oracle Corp.’s copyright lawsuit against Google. G👀gle has an agreement with Apple🍎 to give them a percentage of the revenue💰 Google generates through the Apple🍎 device because of Google's advertising-based business model that CEO Tim Cook has calls an intrusion of privacy🔐. There are rumours about the actual amount paid and neither has disclosed it. The damages Oracle seeks may exceed 💲1⃣ bn. Annette Hurst, the Oracle attorney said that, “the revenue share was 34%,” it wasn't clear whether the percentage was the revenue kept or paid by Google. G👀gle lawyer Robert Van Nest said asked that the percentage stated be sealed🚫 and ➖redacted➖ as it's not a publicly known number and its disclosure could severely affect its ability to negotiate similar agreements✅ with other companies.

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