Match Fixing: ICC Denies✋ Shielding McCullum 😳

A statement📋 made by Kiwi batsman Brendon McCullum in 2011 to ICC's Anti Corruption Unit(ACU) claiming to be approached by a former team mate😳 to fix matches in 2008 was leaked to the media📺❗️ ACU head Ronnie Flanagan has categorically denied🚫 that they struck a deal with Brendon McCullum to protect him from punishment😯 for not reporting the approach earlier. ❓Questions have since been raised about why the ACU took no action against McCullum for his 3⃣ year delay in reporting⚠ the alleged approach. Flanagan said🔈 that under the regulations in place at that time, players could report⚠ match fixing to the captain or team manager and not necessarily ACU😑.