Pathankot: Suspected Terrorist Footage📹:

  |   India News

On Friday, Delhi Police👮🏻 issued an alert after a taxi hired by 3⃣ people from Pathankot went missing. The taxi's driver, Vijay Kumar of Gaggal, was found dead😶 in Himachal Pradesh. The taxi🚖, which is a white Alto, is still missing. It's registration number is: HP 01D 2440. CCTV footage📹has also surfaced which show the suspected “youths”, who stole the taxi🚕 and possibly killed the driver, and are being circulated to obtain clues🔎. All of Delhi is on high alert⚠ after the realisation that the suspects may be heading into the city, especially since Republic Day🇮🇳 is coming up next week on Tuesday, which is considered an opportune day for terrorist attacks💥. It is reported that the three men spoke Punjabi and were each carrying backpacks🎒. Watch the footage here📹:

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