Aamir Khan

Karan Johar: 🇮🇳 is a Tough Country‼️

Bollywood filmmaker 🎬 Karan Johar said India 🇮🇳 is a "tough country" where speaking about ones personal life can land people being bars 😶. Not too long ago superstars ⭐ Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan received major backlash 👊 for their comments on 'Intolerance'. Karan opened up and said that he often feels bound 😔 on …

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Sunny's Response to Aamir💛

Bollywood actress Sunny ☀ Leone is ecstatic 🙌 about Superstar ⭐ Aamir Khan coming out in support of her after she was ruthlessly questioned ❓ and disrespected 😒 by journalist Bhupen Chaubey. Aamir said that he would love to work with Sunny and is not affected by her 'past' 👊. Sunny responded to Aamir's tweet by …

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It's All About Virat ☺️

Anushka Sharma's boyfriend ❤️ Virat Kohli is an incredible cricketer who has even surpassed legends like Sachin Tendulkar to become the fastest to reach 7000 runs and 24 ODI centuries 🙌. The cricketer describes himself as 'work in progress' ☺️ and said 🔊, "I feel like I am learning everyday, trying something new on …

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