Hindu Teen Burnt🔥 Alive😱⁉

  |   India News

The father of a 17 year old ragpicker👦 in Pune who died after being set on fire🔥 by 3⃣ men last week has alleged that his son was murdered for being a Hindu😳. "He told me that he was set on fire🔥 by three suspects after they came to know that he was Hindu," the boy's(Savan Rathod) father Dharma said🔈. The police👮 have arrested three men - Ibrahim Shaikh, Juber Tamboli and Imran Tamboli - who claimed to have poured petrol⛽ on Savan and set him on fire because they suspected that he had stolen car batteries🔋. Police👮 have maintained that they have not found any communal angle to the murder while a video📹 showing Savan confirming to his father he was set on fire🔥 for being a Hindu has been made public. Right wing organisations in Pune have demanded swift action and have scheduled protests👊.
Watch the boy's dying confession in Marathi 📹: https://goo.gl/ULlSRU

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