Busted❗: Dad Forges Arsenal Letter📝 😳

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In a bid to keep the #COYG🔫 tradition in the family, a father faked😳 a letter to his son to convince him to remain a Gooner. Charlie was showing desires😍 of swapping to City🔹 or Liverpool🔴 so Paul Gardiner pretended to be Arsene Wenger👔 and ‘wrote’ a letter📝 convincing him to stick with the Gunners🔫.

Excerpts of the Letter📝;

"I spoke to your dad this morning and was upset😠 to learn you want to support Liverpool🔴 and Manchester City🔹."

"Why would you want to support, Liverpool🔴, a club who haven’t won anything🏆 for many years?"

"Alexis⭐, your favourite😍 player, has told me he can’t wait for you to see him play."

Kind regards,

Arsene Wenger👔 and Alexis Sanchez⭐

The letter📝 seemed to have served it's purpose👍🏻. ‘I came home last night and he had made a I ❤ Arsenal🔫 picture,’

‘Mission accomplished❗’

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