Zidane👔: No Reinforcements for Me❗

  |   Football / La Liga / FA Cup / EPL / ISL / UEFA

Zidane👔 has stated that he is content😄 with the squad he has at his disposal and does not need any reinforcements💪🏻 to his 1⃣st team. "There are 26 of us. Eleven play and 18 make the squad. We have no need to strengthen💪🏻 the team." He explained that his current squad has enough👌🏻 depth and as such he will not look elsewhere for what he already has👍🏻. When quizzed on potential departures⤵, the Frenchman👔 stated that despite receiving several offers💰 for Nacho, he is not going anywhere. "Nacho is staying. He's a young player and is important to the team's future."👍🏻

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