Bose👓 Never Lived in Russia🇷🇺

  |   India News

As per a UK🇬🇧 website dedicated to the last days of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose👓, the 💯 govt. files declassified by 🇮🇳 confirm that Bose did not live in the former Soviet Union⚒ in or after 1945. Russia🇷🇺 informed the Indian Embassy in Moscow in 1992 and 1995, that there is no record❌📝 of the same. Notes exchanged between the Prime Minister’s Office in the 1990s concur✅ with the revelation made by that there were 2⃣replies from Russia🇷🇺 to 🇮🇳. The website as its first disclosure dismissed the speculation among a section of people that he escaped to the USSR⚒ instead of perishing after a plane crash✈💥 in Taipei on 18 Aug 1945.

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