Dino Fossils💀 Discovered in Gujarat

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A team of 🔟 German🇩🇪 and Indian🇮🇳 archaeologists discovered dinosaur🐊 fossils in Gujarat that could be millions of years old. The fossils were dug up near Kutch, and 3⃣ portions of hip bones have been found over the last 🔟 days of excavation, and will be carbon-dated🕒 and examined to categorize the species. 🇮🇳's Jurassic Park, Gujarat, is home to one of the world’s 🌍largest collections of dinosau🐲r remains and a new species of dinosaur, a 30-foot-long, carnivorous🍖 and stocky animal, with an unusual head crest, the “Rajasaurus👑 Narmadensis”, was also discovered there too. The pieces of bone indicate that it may have been a 10-15 metre-long dino🐉 of the Camarasaurus family👪. Also, here's a video of a dinosaur struggling to shovel snow: https://goo.gl/J8jB7o

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