Gandhiji Believed Netaji Faked😳 Air✈ Crash ‼

  |   India News

As revealed in one of the files📁 on Netaji Subash Chandra Bose declassified by the Govt, Gandhiji👓 was unconvinced by the story of Netaji's death in an air crash✈. According to a letter✉ written by Netaji's nephew Amiya Nath to then PM PV Narasimha Rao in 1995, Col. Habibur Rahman👮 who was with Netaji in the plane✈ from Saigon had visited👀 Gandhiji and spoken to him regarding the alleged air crash💥 at Taikhou airport on 18th August 1945. After Rahman left, Gandhiji said🔈 to the journalists, "Habib is carrying out his leader's orders. I do not believe that Subhas died in any air crash😳". Amiya also claims in the letter that after Japan announced📢 Netaji's death, Gandhji sent a telegram✉ forbidding the family from performing his last rites✋.

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