Ghana🇬🇭 & US🇺🇸 Aren't Allies❗

  |   Ghana News

An international law expert, Kwame Gyan💼, has rejected👎🏻 the claims by Prez Mahama👔 that Ghana🇬🇭 is an ally of the United States🇺🇸 of America. The Prez👔 mentioned a few weeks ago that he took in the Gitmo 2⃣ because Ghana🇬🇭 is an ally of the US🇺🇸 and as such, that was the proper thing to do. But Mr Gyan begged to differ saying, “I don’t think the USA🇺🇸 will mention Ghana🇬🇭 when listing their allies. I don’t think so." He explained that perhaps the President👔 used the word loosely in the sense of the word, ally as a friend”. On the implications of accepting the 2⃣ detainees, he said whiles the Prez👔 claims compassion, the US🇺🇸 are looking at their national security.

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