Jeff Bezos😎 Rocket🚀 Relaunch📹:

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Amazon and Blue Origin🔵 founder, Jeff Bezos just posted an update on the Blue Origin website🖥. Blue Origin develops technologies to enable private human access to 🚀space. He says that the New Shepard booster🚀, which flew above the Karman line and landed vertically at its launch site last Nov, has now flown and landed again, proving its re-usability. This time it reached an apogee (an extreme point in an object's orbit around the 🌎) of 101.7 Km. The second flight was made a lot more straight forward by using data from the Nov mission. The crew capsule parachutes were replaced and several checks✅ and software improvements were made. “Rather than the vehicle translating to land at the exact center of the pad🎯, it now initially targets the center, but then sets down at a position of convenience on the pad, prioritizing vehicle attitude ahead of precise lateral positioning,” said Bezos. Check out his video🎥 here:

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