Poll Results: Who Should Be The Face of "Incredible India"❓

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India 🇮🇳 has voted. According to public option 📢 Aamir Khan still deserves to be the face of the "Incredible India" 👌 campaign. We have to admit that he did an Incredible job 👏.

The result for the poll is:

🎯 Who Should Be The Face of "Incredible India"❓

(Result in percent)

2⃣1⃣: Amitabh Bachchan, 'cause he represents Gujarat as well

2⃣6⃣: Priyanka Chopra, she has a name for herself abroad. That's good publicity.

3⃣7⃣: Aamir Khan, He needs to continue. He did a good job.

1⃣6⃣: Deepika Padukone, She has her clout of influence.