Prince Narula Donates Prize Money to 'Being Human' 💰

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

Prince Narula was declared the winner 🙌 of reality show 📺 'Bigg Boss 9'. Salman Khan handed him the Bigg Boss trophy 🏆 along with the prize money 💰 of ₹35 lakh. Prince decided to donate ₹5 lakh 💰 out of that money towards Sallu's 💪 NGO "Being Human" 👌. Prince said that the rest of the money he will give his father and let him decided what needs to be done with it. An overwhelmed Prince also said 🔊, "The show has been an emotional roller coaster 🎢 for me - the arguments, the tears 😭, the fun 🎉, the excitement, the friendships 👫. I'll cherish every moment for the rest of my life."☺️

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