Rohith Vemula's Family Furious😡

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Rohith Vemula’s family members expressed their anger😡 at PM Modi✌ and Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani for their 'delayed'🕥 reaction to Vemula's death and rejected the ex-gratia💰 offered to them. Residents of Dalit colonies dominated chased away BJP🔸 candidates contesting the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections🗳, scheduled for 2 Feb. The HCU had yesterday announced an ex gratia of ₹8 lakh💰 to the family, but Vemula’s family rejected❌ it and demanded that “those responsible for his death” be brought to book. Vemula’s sister, Neelima said, “Not ₹8 lakh💵, we don’t want even if you give ₹8 crores💰. Smriti Irani…she called up after 5⃣days. Why it took 5⃣days? ... I want to know why he died. You killed🔪 or he died? Why was he suspended? Those responsible should be arrested and punished.” Regarding PM Modi✌, Vemula’s brother, Raju said, “Why he did not speak for 5⃣days?”

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