Aamir: I Was Born Here, I Will Die Here ❗

  |   Bollywood / Aamir Khan / India News

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan's statements 📢 linked to the 'Intolerance' 😶 debate stirred up a huge controversy and Aamir ended up getting a lot of flack for it 🙈. Recently the superstar ⭐ came out and clarified his statements by saying that he never ❌ said India 🇮🇳 was intolerant, but what he said was misunderstood and blown out of proportion. He also added that India 🇮🇳 is the most diverse 😍 country with so many languages and cultures 👌. Aamir said 🔊,"I was born here and I will die here."

Photo Credit- IANS/Aamir Khan

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