Another Attack💣 Hits W/African Country❗

  |   Ghana News

Cameroon🇨🇲 is the latest West African country to suffer from terrorist attacks💣 this month. A few weeks ago, Burkina Faso suffered a similar tragedy🔫 and just when it seemed the dust was about settling, another one💣 has emerged. Boko Haram💣, as it's being suspected, has killed at least 25 people😔 in this fresh suicide bombing attack💣 in northern Cameroon🇨🇲 near the border with Nigeria🇳🇬. It is being reported that at least 3⃣ suicide bombers💣 were involved. Some West African countries including Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Benin along with Nigeria have formed a coalition💪🏻 to fight Boko Haram💣. Although they have been driven away from their strongholds💪🏻, they have continued to attack and raid neighbouring countries. An eyewitness revealed that at least 2⃣ of the bombers were teenage girls😳 who had hidden their explosives in sacks of grain.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Boko Haram

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