🇮🇳, France🇫🇷 to Build 6⃣ Nuclear Reactors

  |   PM Modi News / India News

During talks with PM Modi✌, French🇫🇷 Prez Francois Hollande have agreed✅ to the construction of 6⃣ nuclear power reactors, instead of the earlier 2, at Jaitapur. He reassured 🇮🇳 of reliable, uninterrupted and continued access to nuclear fuel☢ supply throughout the entire lifetime of the plants. The project should start early 2017. They spoke about techno-commercial🔧 negotiations by the end of 2016 to construct the reactor☢ units while considering its cost💰 and transfer of technology & manufacturing🔨 key components in 🇮🇳 in accordance with Modi’s✌ "Make-in-India" initiative. Hollande also reaffirmed its support for India's candidacy to international export control regimes, in particular to the NSG. France🇫🇷 also greeted to India’s decision to ratify the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear☢ Damage💥.

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