G👀gle Cardboard📦 Makes VR Affordable

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G👀gle has brought the seemingly unreachable and expensive💰 world virtual reality (VR) closer to the average user thanks the Google Cardboard📦. The G👀gle Cardboard📦 offers a basic VR experience in the form of a simple fold-out cardboard holder for a smartphone📱. It secures the phone in place before 2 lenses🔎🔍. On wearing it and looking through the lenses🔎🔍, you can see images in 3D by using specific smartphone apps and the phone’s📱 built in motion sensors to give you a pretty close VR experience, which coupled with Google’s spatial audio🔉 support gives more immersive sound. G👀gle doesn’t make any of the VR headsets themselves; they just use inexpensive devices made by other companies and put their stamp on it. Prices💰 vary according to phone size, materials, etc.
🖼Image source: Flickr

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