Kohli - A Business💵 King👑

Virat Kohli, the poster boy😎 of 🇮🇳 cricket, was recently named 7⃣th in 2015 Forbes India Celebrity⭐ 100 list - which is based on entertainment related earnings💵 & fame. Kohli had yearly earnings of ₹104.78 Crores💰. He was the only cricketer other than Dhoni (at No.4) to be placed in the Top 🔟. Kohli's earnings included match fees💵, endorsements, IPL contracts📝 & BCCI contract. While making a living out of his cricketing abilities, he has also displayed a head for business👏 by making shrewd investments💵. He has ventured into football⚽ (FC Goa), tennis🎾 (UAE Royals), wrestling (Bengaluru Yodhas), fashion💃 (Wrogn), a chain of gyms (Chisel) and a tech💻 start-up (Sports Convo). But crucially, he has invested hard cash only in FC Goa and has only sweat equity in the other ventures😳. It's not all business though - he also runs the Virat Kohli Foundation👌 to provide education🎓 for under privileged children.

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Photo Credit: iansphoto.in