PURC Orders ECG💡 to Pay Customers❗

  |   Ghana News

PURC has given ECG💡 and Ghana Water Company🚿 till February 5⃣ to refund excess bills💰 to customers following tariff increases last year. The utilities regulator has threatened😠 to sanction the 2⃣ institutions if the order is not strictly enforced👍🏻. PURC explained that it has been revealed to them that ECG💡 and GWCL🚿 begun charging 59.2% and 67.2% respectively from December 1⃣, 2015 instead of the proposed December 14, 2015. Customers will receive 5⃣% of the excess amount💰 over billed to each affected customer😰 in addition to the refund if they fail to comply.👏🏻
Photo Credit: Gridco Website

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