Aamir Hurt By Sunny☀❓

Superstar ⭐ Aamir Khan recently spoke about Sunny ☀ Leone and her interview with journalist 📢 Chaubey. Aamir said that he was a little hurt 😔 that Sunny thought that Aamir would not want to work with her because of her 'past' 😶. He also reiterated his support towards Sunny by saying 🔊, "I am open …

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More ❤ Than 👊 For Sunny ❗

Sunny ☀ Leone has not ❌ had it easy in the Bollywood industry 😶. However the actress is relentless 👊 and has pushed past all the negativity to go and carve out a niche for herself 😏. Sunny said that she is proud of her career growth and added that when she came here a …

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